America is a land of immigrants.  John Raese’s family, probably like yours, came here from Europe.

John is proud of that pioneering heritage and still believes this country offers a wonderful opportunity to anyone who will make the commitment to learn our language, obey our laws and peacefully assimilate into the American society.

Illegal immigration is causing an ever-increasing and unsustainable hardship on our diminishing resources.  Getting back to fiscal responsibility means getting control of our borders.

The numbers are staggering.  It’s estimated that there are nearly 24-million illegal aliens in the United States today.  They have accounted for more than 397-billion dollars in Social Services not counting more than 154-billion dollars in K-12 education costs and another 21-billion dollars for incarcerations.  In time of record high employment, more than 12.5-million skilled jobs are being provided to illegal aliens.

The Arizona legislature enacted the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act” in 2010.  It was intended to make it a state misdemeanor crime for an undocumented immigrant to be in Arizona without carrying registration documents as required by federal law – allows state law enforcement officials to enforce federal laws – and cracks down on employers of illegal workers.  Almost immediately the state was sued by the Obama administration to stop implementation of the law.

John salutes Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and her state lawmakers for having the courage to stand-up to both an onslaught of undocumented immigrants and to the clearly misguided Obama administration.

John Raese believes there can be no discussion or solution to this ever-growing problem until the borders of this great country are once again secure.

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