The Issues

The Issues Facing America and West Virginia


The jobless rate across the nation, and especially here in West Virginia, is spiraling upward.  At just 3.6% in November of 2007 the unemployment rate in West Virginia has more than doubled ballooning to 8.6% by this summer.  West Virginia’s engine to growth is small and medium sized businesses that are encouraged to innovate and create. More government, more regulation and more taxes are never the answer.


Every West Virginia family is forced to stay within a budget – live within their means.  That simple idea has been lost for years in Washington.  The current Federal debt is more than $13.2 trillion dollars and is projected to reach nearly $20 trillion by 2015.  We cannot choke a fragile economy with a bigger tax burden from political leaders who have demonstrated a dangerous and irresponsible approach to our national debt.


Besides robbing your family of basic medical care choice, the new Obamacare health plan passed by the Democratic congress is expected to employ thousands of new IRS agents to track down Americans for payment of health care taxes.  The cost of the greatest social spending program in the nation’s history is still under debate, but since the inception of Medicare in 1965 the cost of the program has grown 2.7% faster the economy and should reach 20% of America’s GDP within the decade.


While the Federal Government is suing the State of Arizona, criminals and drug dealers are pouring over our borders.  There is no negotiation here – it is a basic responsibility of the United States Government to protect our borders.  No comprehensive immigration plan is possible until all of our borders are secure.

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