This is an election year and you will hear a lot of political rhetoric about jobs and so called “jobs bills”.  Be wary because a tax hike disguised as a jobs bill is coming your way if President Obama and Senator Manchin succeed with their agenda.

It would be wonderful if Congress could pass a piece of legislation that would cure our economic woes but the simple truth is there is no such thing as a jobs bill.  The idea that the 535-men and women in Washington can craft a piece of legislation to put America back to work is simply a cruel myth.

John Raese believes the key ingredient to a sturdy economic recovery is taking positive steps to unleash America’s unparalleled ingenuity and world-class productivity.

The first step is getting government off the backs of business and generally out of our lives.  In today’s super charged and divisive political climate anyone suggesting less governmental regulation and less governmental interference is immediately labeled as anti-clean air, anti-clean water or anti-consumer protection.  That is the biggest lie you’ll hear in the clutter of this campaign season.

Just like any one of us, John Raese is committed to an environment that provides safe water, clean fresh air and protected natural areas that can be enjoyed not just now – but by generations of West Virginian’s to come.  John believes in providing jobs that earn a livable wage that can support and nurture a family – to protecting our natural resources and using them to enhance and improve our quality of life – and in the belief that American’s inherently do the right thing and do not need a government looking over their shoulder that uses bloated over-reaching agencies to disrupt the natural flow of business, the undeniable engine that powers our national economy.

If elected to the United States Senate John’s first priority will always be the welfare of West Virginians.  His family has lived here and provided jobs in West Virginia for nearly a century.  He understands that feeling of self-worth and of self-reliance that comes from having a good secure job – and contrary to the apparent beliefs of President Obama and both West Virginia Senators – John knows jobs are created exclusively by businesses, small and large, all across this country.  Pointing out excesses on Wall Street is not only proper, it is the duty of a vigilant government and our elected leaders – but using the bad actions of one industry, or one group, to paint all businesses as if they are somehow against the interests of American’s is not only dangerous – it is just plain wrong.

Government programs that give tax credits for hiring new employees are meaningless if a company doesn’t have the need or the increased market for additional workers.  That is the type of simplistic ideas that come from the Obama/Manchin camp.  They believe that gimmick federal programs somehow will entice business people to act a certain way – do certain things.  Such incentives are naive and are simply designed for stump speeches – sound bites in an election year to give voters the appearance that something, anything, is being done.  The tired ideas generated by Obama and Manchin always wind up with the same result – a bigger government for them and a lighter wallet for you.

Encouraging business begins with a simple tax code.  A competitive tax system that is straightforward and simple enough that we can all understand.  It starts with the idea that we are a country of innovators, scientists, risk takers, developers, artists, craftsmen, conscientious workers, teachers and dedicated students.  That we can finally have a meaningful dialogue about how we are teaching our kids and grandchildren – and how we can devote both the resources and the will to once again establish the American educational system as the very best in the world.

President Obama is right when he talks about the importance of America winning the future but his ideas only include a bigger, more invasive government.  That is a fundamental error and just will not work. The President and Senator Manchin talk in soaring terms about transforming America – but their vision for our country is based on the flawed European model that is crumbling before our eyes.  They have started down a path that will only diminish America and they will do, or say, anything to make you believe it is the only choice we have.

Don’t buy it.

John Raese and millions of Americans from Maine to Hawaii – from Martinsburg to Matewan – are in open revolution to the Obama/Manchin takeover of our way of life and will make their collective voices heard this fall.

Getting America back to work and rebuilding a productive economy that serves everyone requires the effort, hard work and participation of all of us.  Every time this country has been attacked, or has been struck with hardship, we’ve survived and thrived on sheer determination, iron clad discipline and raw effort.  Yet there are some that think America’s time has passed and that we have to accept a decline.

Not John Raese.

John thinks America’s most outstanding years are ahead of us – but only if we make the changes now to unleash business, fortify our education system and free all American’s from crushing personal and governmental debt.

American exceptionalism?  Absolutely.

If you see this great country as a beacon for the world to admire and emulate – a leader in technology, innovation and invention – and an economic engine with no peer on this planet then the choice is crystal clear.  Let President Obama and Senator Manchin know that you’ve heard and seen enough.  Elect John Raese – a proven leader with a track record of creating and providing good jobs in the real world.

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