Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Endorses John Raese

“The noted Mountain State industrialist and media titan has been a player in West Virginia politics for 30 years, behind the scenes and as a candidate. This is his fourth run for U.S. Senate since 1984. And given the shifting prevailing winds of the electorate in West Virginia, this should be Mr. Raese’s year. He’s a straight shooter who does not suffer fools — at all. He should have a field day in Washington.

“Yes, Raese has a formidable task in once again challenging the popular Democrat incumbent Joe Manchin (Raese lost to the former West Virginia governor in a special election two years ago), whose moderation also is attractive to Republicans and independents. But there’s a better option for the new era that’s upon us.

“And that’s John Raese.”

Originally published: Sunday, October 14, 2012

Read more: http://triblive.com/opinion/editorials/2752777-74/casey-raese-senate-democrat-mandel-republican-virginia-west-brown-elect?printerfriendly=true#ixzz29SbZrrjQ

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