Raese Campaign Releases New TV Ad

“False” Runs Statewide

MORGANTOWN, WV – John Raese released a new television ad directly responding to Joe Manchin’s claim that he killed cap-and-trade legislation in the United States Senate.  Raese’s ad, which is running statewide, outlines the facts about Joe Manchin’s history with cap-and-trade.

Sen. Joe Manchin talks a good game but unfortunately for him – and West Virginia’s energy sector – his rhetoric doesn’t match reality.  Federal cap-and-trade was blocked more than 3 months before Manchin took office and Manchin told reporters earlier this year that power plants better comply – or else.

When push comes to shove, Manchin has been AWOL in the fight to save coal and stand up for West Virginia.  He claims to be a supporter of coal, yet as governor, he supported job-killing regulations on our coal industry.  Manchin, one of Obama’s biggest supporters in 2008, passed cap-and-trade here in West Virginia, regulating electric utilities by decreasing coal consumption.  Because of Joe Manchin, West Virginia power plants will burn 25% less coal by 2025.

Thanks to Manchin, President Obama is making good on his promise to bankrupt the coal industry.  Joe is a very likeable guy, but it is important to watch what he does, not what he says.

In order to yield new results in West Virginia, we must have new leadership.  Joe Manchin is simply ineffective, another empty suit politician who has failed our state.  West Virginians need a strong pro-coal, pro-jobs voice for them in Washington; someone that will bring coal energy back to West Virginia.

That man is John Raese.

“False” Script:

Manchin Clip Open:  I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t need to shoot the cap and trade bill…I already killed it…..

Announcer: Sorry Joe, Cap and Trade was blocked by the Senate more than three-months before you took office…but earlier this year Joe Manchin told reporters that power plants better comply – or else…..

Manchin John Amos Clip: …and by January , 2017, you got to be up and running or your in violation and we have tremendous fines…

Announcer:  I thought Joe Manchin told us he was a Friend of Coal.

John Raese:  I’m John Raese and I approved this message because along with President Mitt Romney we finally have a chance to stop the War on Coal…..

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  1. New President, Mitt Romney !
    New Senator, John Raese !
    New Results !
    The three Rs rule and the world will be a better place indeed!
    Vote Romney and Raese for Results that will bring a brighter future for America!
    Great new commercial Mr. Raese !

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