Mitch McConnell Joins John Raese for Energy Roundtable

Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Joins U.S. Senate Candidate John Raese for Energy Roundtable in Morgantown.

Participants Include the West Virginia Coal Association, and State and Regional Leaders.

MORGANTOWN, WV — Republican Leader Mitch McConnell joined U.S. Senate candidate John Raese yesterday for a round table discussion on energy with state and regional leaders from the coal and extractive industries, including Bill Raney of the West Virginia Coal Association.  The focus of the discussion centered on President Obama’s “War on Coal” and how the outcome of West Virginia’s U.S. Senate race will determine the future of the West Virginia’s coal industry.

“It was an honor to have Republican Leader Mitch McConnell join me to stand-up for coal here in West Virginia,” said Republican John Raese.  “I have no doubt that Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is sincere when he says he loves West Virginia, but he’s on the wrong team.  As long as Manchin’s Democratic party controls the White House and Senate, no one can do anything to stop the War on Coal. Joe Manchin’s mere presence in the Senate allows Harry Reid – who said ‘coal makes you sick’ – to control the agenda.  Joe Manchin’s mere presence in Washington puts President Obama that much closer to accomplishing his dream to bankrupt the coal industry.  This is why we need a new president, a new majority leader, and a new U.S. Senator from West Virginia to stop Obama’s War on Coal dead in its tracks.”

When Leader McConnell was asked by a participant if he knew Joe Manchin’s true position on coal, McConnell said that he really did not know.  But he did say, “One thing we know for certain is that [Manchin] will vote for Harry Reid for Majority Leader.”

“Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid carries the water for Obama’s War on Coal,” said John Raese.  “Remember, it’s Harry Reid, the guy Joe Manchin voted to elect as Majority Leader, who once infamously said ‘coal makes you sick’”.

Leader McConnell also discussed the repeal of Obamacare, and its $716 billion in cuts to seniors on Medicare.  When given the opportunity, twice Senator Joe Manchin voted against repealing Obamacare.  He voted to keep Obama’s $716 billion in Medicare cuts against our seniors.

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