Charleston Daily Mail Endorses John Raese for U.S. Senate

MORGANTOWN, WV – The Charleston Daily Mail is the second newspaper to endorse John Raese’s candidacy for the United States Senate this week. Below are excerpts from their column announcing their endorsement:

“The U.S. Senate race between former legislator, secretary of state and Gov. Joe Manchin and his Republican challenger, John Raese, presents a painful choice for many West Virginians.

“Manchin, who won the late Sen. Robert Byrd’s seat two years ago, was a popular and effective governor. Some of the changes he set into motion will help the state in the long term.

“But Raese is right. Senate Democrats are a different breed of cat entirely, and Manchin has not been and cannot be as effective there. He must be “Washington Joe,” as Raese warned two years ago.

“The Daily Mail endorses Republican John Raese, who has spent his life in the private sector. He would be in a much better position to end the federal smothering effect and get the economy growing again.”

“Many people agree. The nation is on the wrong road.

“To stop Democrats’ megalomaniacal takeover of health care and their out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency, Raese says, voters have “to wrest control of the Senate away from Democrats.”

“It’s true. West Virginians won’t get the growth they need unless they change the Senate.

“Raese is the change that is needed.”

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