Joe Manchin Still Won’t Tell West Virginians If He Will Vote For Barack Obama

But Manchin Says He Definitely Will NOT Vote For Mitt Romney

Just two months before West Virginians go to the polls, Joe Manchin has finally let voters know that he will vote for Barack Obama.

Well, kind of.

Asked yesterday by The Hill if he would vote for President Obama in November, Manchin refused to answer:

“I’m not talking about people’s election, I’m talking about West Virginia, the economy, staying here and getting our job done. You should be worried about what we are doing here.”

Given his refusal to directly answer such a simple question, The Hill had an equally simple follow up: Will Joe Manchin support GOP nominee Mitt Romney in November?

Manchin didn’t have a problem answering this one:


That one word tells West Virginians all they need to know about Joe Manchin.

If he’s not voting for Mitt Romney, he must be voting for Barack Obama.

“Joe Manchin has perpetuated a hoax on West Virginians,” John Raese said. “He is the classic politician talking out of both sides of his mouth, saying one thing in West Virginia but doing whatever Barack Obama and Harry Reid tell him to do when he is in Washington.”

Remember 2008? Joe Manchin could barely contain himself.

The lifetime Democrat practically tripped over himself to endorse and campaign for Barack Obama.

Joe Manchin did so despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of West Virginia Democrats voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary.

Manchin’s blatant disregard for the will of West Virginians in 2008 was just a precursor to how he would behave in the Senate.

Since going to Washington in 2010 Joe Manchin has voted with President Obama 87% of the time.

That’s even more than Manchin has voted with his campaign sugar daddy Harry Reid (82%) who has given Manchin an eye-popping $20,000 in campaign contributions since 2010.

Joe Manchin’s actions in Washington leave no ambiguity as to where his loyalty lies.

Joe Manchin supports Obamacare that will cut $4 billion from West Virginia Medicare over the next ten years.

Joe Manchin has been a spectator in Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s War on Coal that is bankrupting West Virginia.

And Joe Manchin voted for middle-class tax increases multiple times, despite campaign promises not to raise taxes on anyone.

“Actions speak louder than words, and Joe Manchin’s actions in Washington leave no doubt that he is more concerned with what Barack Obama and Harry Reid want than what West Virginians need,” Raese continued. “The Manchin-Obama policies have put our state and our nation on the road to ruin and it’s time for a change. We need a new president and a new senator so we can finally get a new result for West Virginia.”

Full text of The Hill article is available here:


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  1. People come to America to be free. They come here because anyone from any background can use hard work and honest effort to become successful. These eager politicians are the very type of bureaucrats these folks fled from. Our country is the last best hope for honest hard working people in the world and we all need to ask ourselves just exactly how much do we value our freedoms. Our family watched the Last Ounce Of Courage this last weekend and wish everyone would take their family and friends to see it. As I watched the movie I felt like I was watching my own town and we had all suddenly gotten sick and tired of being pc and said “NO MORE”. God bless you John, we wish you the best and hope you find your voice because the media is trying to hide it from us.

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