Raese Attends Chamber’s Business Summit at the Greenbrier

U.S. Senate challenger calls for a change in leadership

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV – Stating that West Virginia’s business community cannot afford the taxes and regulations brought to us by Barack Obama and Joe Manchin, Republican U.S. Senate nominee John Raese told attendees at the Business Summit that our current administration has been taking our money, our power, and worst of all, our freedom. Then they are passing them along to the government.

Raese, a well-known West Virginia business leader himself, is the President and CEO of his family’s Greer Industries, with companies employing approximately 1,000 people, mostly in West Virginia.  Raese’s business interests are primarily in limestone, steel, broadcasting, and tourism, though he has been in the coal business, as well.

“Who do we really work for?” Raese said.  “We spend 103 days every year just to pay for the federal government’s spending problem in this country.  We spend 44 days working for the state of West Virginia and we spend 77 days working to pay for regulations.  That’s what this country has turned into.”

“Anytime the government tries to micromanage an economy, it’s the death of capitalism,” he said. “We’re in an industrial coma. We have a restrictor plate on our economy. The cornerstones of capitalism are energy and private property. Both are under attack today.”

Raese said “in order to fix this problem, we have to spend less, we have to tax less, we have to borrow less, and we have to regulate less.  In order to grow the economy, we have to reduce the size of government and we have to explain our goals so you can understand how we are going to get from the red zone to the end zone.”

West Virginia deserves to know who their leaders support and what their goals are for the future.  From Raese’s speech today, it is very clear as to where he stands and who he supports. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for Joe Manchin.

Raese went on to discuss taxes and the heavy burdens they place on our families and our businesses.  “Does everybody remember the Bush tax cuts?  Because they are no more,” he said.

51 Senators voted not to extend the Bush tax cuts.  The Business Summit crowd seemed shocked to find out that Joe Manchin and Jay Rockefeller voted with Obama to end the Bush tax cuts.  Starting next year, the maximum long-term capital gains rate will increase to 20%, dividends will now be taxed at a whopping 39.6 %, and death taxes will increase to 50%.

Do these tax increases promote West Virginia business?  “If you earn a dollar, the government taxes you,” Raese said. “If you earn some interest on your money, the government taxes you. If you buy some Apple stock, they tax the profits from Apple. If you earn a dividend, they tax it. If your stock goes up, you have to pay a capital gains tax on the appreciation. And now when you die, the tax goes from 35 to 50 percent. Thank you, Joe! He’s good for business, isn’t he?”

In closing, Raese said “when your children look at you and ask, what did you do in 2012 to try to get rid of an anti-capitalist who has disgraced our country, I believe — I can sit there and look at my children and say, I did the very best I possibly could, and that’s what I want you to say.”

It is time to elect a new President and a new Senator from West Virginia.


Raese Accepts State Chamber’s Invitation to Speak to Business Summit at Greenbrier

Continuing a week featuring some high political drama between U.S. Senate candidate John Raese and State Chamber of Commerce President Steve Roberts, Raese announced today that he has accepted Roberts’ invitation and looks forward to his discussions with Chamber members this Friday, the event’s final day.

The State Chamber hosts an annual Business Summit for its membership at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs.

Raese said his upcoming speech may be the most important one in his 28 year political career, citing what he calls the “absolutely crucial election year of 2012.”

“Those of us who like American political history know that, while each Presidential election year is important, some years are very important,” said Raese.  “I honestly can’t remember a year with more potential consequences, pro and con, than the one we are in right now.  The future of our country, its economy, and our way of life really does depend on what happens at the ballot box this November. That’s why I’ve been out criss-crossing the state almost daily since January, talking with people about what the situation is under President Obama–and what we can do about it together.”

Raese indicated that this speech will be a rallying cry for two very influential groups this election year:  the state business community and those looking for jobs from that same business community.

“Obviously, I’m speaking at the Chamber’s Business Summit, so I’m going to be speaking as one West Virginia business person to another there,” said Raese. “Everyone in that room knows that the Obama Administration has been no friend to West Virginia’s business community. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. On one hand, you have coal operators, even those with clean environmental records, having great difficulty getting a new permit, forcing them to lay off their workers.  That’s about the worst news a coal mining family can hear as their kids go back to school.  It’s devastating whole communities, so you’re forced to ask, “Where is the leadership for these West Virginians?”

“But on the other hand, our small businesses across the state are only now coming to grips with what the Obamacare mandate means to them,” said Raese.  “When you have to start paying about $1,000 per month, per employee more than what you did before Obamacare, it’s a brutal wakeup call.  We’re in a protracted recession!  The cost of Obamacare on our small businesses could be the knockout blow for many of them.”

“Make no mistake, we will see some of our best small business entrepreneurs have to shut down or cut back,” said Raese.  “Ask the young person out of high school or college how hard it is to find work here already.  And now Obamacare comes in for the kill.   This is the state of things in America today, and we all have to fight back together.  I think it’s now or never.”

“So business owners, large and small, have a seriously vested interest in turning things around this November at the ballot box,” said Raese.  “But so do all West Virginians who are looking for work or have family members who need a job.   If there’s one thing the Obama Administration has proven beyond all doubt, it’s that government doesn’t create jobs.  The private sector does.  The business person who risks some of his or her own hard-earned capital for a strategic investment–they are the heroes.  The hardworking, honest West Virginians looking for work are our heroes, too–decidedly not the political leaders, some of them who have voted for job-killing programs like Obamacare.”

“We’ve got the right kind of perfect storm to put the country and West Virginia on a much better economic trajectory this November,” said Raese.  “Business folks and prospective employees all want the same thing:  steady economic growth, fueled by the private sector.  I know a little bit about the challenges and joys of job creation, having been at it for the past three decades.  West Virginia can be a tough state to do business in sometimes. Our high court has not been friendly, and somewhere along the line, some in the press has tried to give business a bad name here.   I know the Chamber members know about that, too.

“So I come to speak with the many of the business leaders of our state on Friday as one who just wants what we all want in West Virginia:  something much, much better than what we’ve settled for in the Mountain State,” said Raese.  “Whether you call it capitalism, free enterprise, or entrepreneurship, business is what has made America the greatest nation in history, a place where the average person has a chance to rise through hard work.  We need every job the private sector can offer our people this year and in the years ahead.  But we have to remove the impediment called “Barack” from office this November–and all elected leaders who have propped him up.  Only then can we get back to work.”

For more information, contact the Raese for Senate campaign or visit the website:www.raeseforsenate.org.

John R. Raese is CEO of Greer Industries, a set of family businesses with interests in limestone, steel, broadcasting, and tourism.  In addition to Greer Limestone and Greer Steel, Raese developed the idea for his statewide radio network, Metronews. He also owns Seneca Caverns and Pikewood National, a golf course near Morgantown.


Tea Party Express Stopping in Morgantown for 81-Day GOTV Campaign

Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest political action committee, is rolling through Morgantown, West Virginia tomorrow during its 81-Day Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign.  The organization will be hosting a rally in Morgantown, West Virginia.  The Tea Party Express Mobile Phone Bank Bus will be present to educate and engage conservative voters in the November 6th election.

The tour will stop in 23 states that are the key battleground states for the 2012 election. Tomorrows event will be held next to HealthWorks on Maple Drive, at the corner of 705 and the new entrance to Mon General in Morgantown, WV at 9:00 AM.

WHEN: 9:00 AM, Thursday, August 23, 2012

WHERE: Morgantown, WVNext to HealthWorks on Maple Drive, at the corner of 705 and the new entrance to Mon General

SPECIAL GUEST: John Raese, U.S. Senate Candidate

Amy Kremer, Chairman of Tea Party Express, said, “This is the year that we get our country back on track. Coming off historic successes in 2010, the tea party is aiming even bigger for 2012 as we launch this effort to get fiscal conservatives to the polls on Election Day. President Obama’s policies have failed to restore prosperity.  He is responsible for skyrocketing deficits, unsustainable debt and unacceptable feeble job growth.

“The American Dream is fading in front of our eyes. In order to rein in the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government, we must stop these failed big government policies with pro-growth free market solutions.”

The first part of the tour will focus on recruiting and organizing a massive force of grassroots activist that will commit to participate in an extensive phone from home program. As the election approaches, this program will be activated and will aim to make the millions of calls required to get tea party fiscal conservatives out to vote.

Kremer concluded, “Reagan always said the power of a democracy is in an informed and engaged electorate. The Mobile Phone Center Bus is one of our ways to create just that. Local tea party volunteers will be joining us to utilize this state-of-the-art technology to make calls recruiting activists to get involved. We will have 15 workstations on the bus, each with its own laptop and phone. We will be traveling the nation during this campaign, reactivating the passion and excitement that was so powerful in 2010.”

To schedule an interview with a representative of Tea Party Express, please contact Andy Surabian at 508-802-3868 or Andysurabian@yahoo.com


Will Joe Manchin Vote For Romney-Ryan Ticket?

This Weekend’s Announcement Gives Manchin Another Opportunity To Come Clean With West Virginia Voters

Despite the fact that he was his number one cheerleader and endorsed him in 2008, Joe Manchin has steadfastly refused to tell West Virginians if he will vote for President Barack Obama in November.

Manchin, the consummate inside the beltway politician who will say or do anything to get elected, isn’t even going to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC out of fear West Virginians will remember the role he played in putting Barack Obama in the White House four years ago.

At the 2008 convention Manchin cast his vote as a super delegate for Obama even though his opponent Hillary Clinton won West Virginia’s primary by an astonishing 41 points.

Fast forward four years and Joe Manchin is running as far away from his friend Barack Obama, as fast as humanly possible.

This weekend Republican nominee Mitt Romney gave Manchin another opportunity to come clean with his constituents when he picked Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate.

So the question is: since Joe Manchin refuses to say if he will vote for Barack Obama again in 2012, does that mean he will vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan?

Ryan has crafted a budget plan that would put our nation back on the track to fiscal sanity and help save entitlements. Joe Manchin’s Democrats never miss an opportunity to demonize and distort Ryan’s budget plan in an effort to scare seniors.

“I know Senator Manchin thinks it is ‘embarrassing’ when his constituents ask questions of him and hold him accountable, but his sense of entitlement won’t deter us from holding his feet to the flame,” Raese for Senate spokesman Josh Sowards said. “Sen. Manchin was eager to make clear he supported Barack Obama in 2008 and we would just respectfully request he be as forthright in 2012 as he was four years ago.”

Even if Manchin continues to stonewall, West Virginia voters are fortunate enough to have Manchin’s record to tell them where he stands.

Manchin has perfected the art of talking out of both sides of his mouth. He has claimed he opposes the Ryan budget while also claiming to be opposed to Barack Obama’s budget. The problem is, this type of ineffective leadership is what has gotten our nation into the mess we are in right now.

Exhibit A: Joe Manchin and his fellow Democrat’s who run the Senate have FAILED TO DO THEIR CONSITUTIONAL DUTY, going more than three years without passing a budget.

“We need people in Washington who will stop kicking the can down the road,” Sowards continued. “Joe Manchin and every other career politician have abdicated their responsibility. It’s time for the people to take their government back.”

Manchin likes to claim the contrary, but a quick look at his record tells the real story; Manchin has repeatedly voted with Barack Obama since going to Washington:

  • Voted against repealing Obamacare.
  • Voted supported Barack Obama’s failed $700 billion stimulus.
  • Voted to let Bush tax cuts expire and raise taxes on everyone and every small business in West Virginia.
  • Voted against cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • Voted to raise energy taxes.
  • Manchin has voted with his party nearly 90% of the time since he has been in Washington.



Manchin Voted Against Repealing The Health Care Law

In February 2011, Manchin Voted Against Repeal Of The Health Care Law.“McConnell, R-Ky., motion to waive the Budget Act and budget resolutions with respect to the Conrad, D-N.D., point of order against the McConnell amendment no. 13 that would repeal the 2010 health care overhaul law, which requires most individuals to buy health insurance by 2014, makes changes to government health care programs and sets new requirements for health insurers. The amendment would restore the provisions of law amended or repealed by the health care overhaul, and repeal certain provisions of the health care reconciliation law.” (S. 223, CQ Vote #9: Motion rejected 47-51: R 47-0; D 0-50; I 0-1, 2/2/11, Manchin Voted Nay)
Manchin On The Stimulus

Before The Inauguration, Manchin Said Obama’s Plan For A Stimulus Package Would Jumpstart The Economy

In December 2008, Manchin Said Obama’s Plan For An Economic Stimulus Package With Funding For Infrastructure Projects Would Jumpstart The U.S. Economy Immediately By Creating Jobs And Demand For Construction Materials. “After meetings with President-elect Barack Obama on Monday and Tuesday, Gov. Joe Manchin said he is convinced Obama will move quickly on economic stimulus packages for the states. Manchin said federal funding for highway construction and other infrastructure projects would jump-start the U.S. economy by immediately creating jobs and demand for construction materials. ‘With infrastructure projects, these jobs are ready to go tomorrow,’ Manchin said Tuesday afternoon, after Obama met with the Democratic Governors Association Monday evening and the National Governors Association Tuesday morning in Philadelphia.” (Phil Kabler, “Obama Will Help, Manchin Says,” The Charleston [WV] Gazette, 12/3/08)

Manchin Opposed A Bill Permanently Extending The Bush Tax Cuts, And Repealing The Estate Tax

Manchin Voted Against A Bill That Would Have Permanently Extended The Republican Tax Cuts For All Income Levels, And Permanently Repealed The Estate Tax. “DeMint, R-S.C., motion to suspend Rule 22 to permit the consideration of a DeMint substitute amendment no. 4804 that would permanently extend 2001 and 2003 tax rates for all income levels. It also would provide for the permanent higher exemptions from the alternative minimum tax and permanent repeal of the estate tax.”(H.R. 4853, CQ Vote #274: Motion rejected 37-63: R 36-6; D 1-55; I 0-2, 12/15/10, Manchin Voted Nay)

Manchin Voted Against Cutting Off Federal Funding For Planned Parenthood

In 2011, Manchin Voted Against A Resolution That Would Have Stripped Government Funding From Planned Parenthood. “Adoption of the concurrent resolution that would direct the House clerk to make a correction in the enrollment of a bill (HR 1473) to provide $1.055 trillion in discretionary funding for fiscal 2011, and insert a section that would bar the use of funds made available in the bill to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. or its affiliates.” (H. Con. Res. 36, CQ Vote #60: Rejected 42-58: R 42-5; D 0-51; I 0-2, 4/14/11, Manchin Voted Nay)

Manchin Voted To Raise Energy Taxes

Manchin Voted To Raise Taxes On Oil Companies. “Reid, D-Nev., motion to proceed to consideration of the bill that would repeal various tax provisions for oil companies that have gross annual receipts of more than $1 billion and that produce an average 500,000 barrels or more each day.” (S. 940, CQ Vote #72: Motion rejected 52-48: R 2-45; D 48-3; I 2-0, 5/17/11, Manchin Voted Yea)

Manchin Has Voted With The Democratic Party Nearly 90% Of The Time

During The 112th Congress, Manchin Has Voted With Democrats 86% Of The Time. (Washington Post Votes Database, www.projects.washingtonpost.com, Accessed 11/18/11)

WV Family Foundation PAC Endorses John Raese for US Senate

ELKVIEW, WV – WVFF PAC is the internal PAC for the West Virginia Family Foundation, Inc. (WVFF), a statewide pro-family organization. The WVFF is affiliated with the American Family Association whose state goal is to encourage and cultivate an appreciation in our communities in our state of traditional family values. The group strives to achieve this goal through both public education and legislation, as well as by supporting those candidates who best reflect these values.

The WVFF is working to strengthen the family by fighting permissive abortion-on-demand which undermines respect for life and protecting traditional marriage.

The group is also working to stop the proliferation of pornography and sexual oriented businesses in our neighborhoods and communities and supports the traditional marriage and family. The group strives to achieve this goal through public education and legislation, as well as by supporting those candidates who best reflect these values.

Kevin McCoy, WVFF PAC Chairman stated, “We commend John Raese for his favorable response to our family values questionnaire and for his strong commitment to protecting traditional family values.” McCoy continued “Electing John Raese as our next US Senator will provide the leadership desperately needed to oppose President Obama’s radical policies threatening jobs that West Virginia families depend on to provide for their families” .

McCoy concluded by saying, “The conservative principals held by John Raese combined with his steadfast commitment to his beliefs will protect those values our organization and its members hold dear.

We are pleased to endorse his candidacy and look forward to working with him in the near future”.



Kevin McCoy

WVFF PAC Chairman


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