John Raese Statement on Supreme Court Ruling of Obamacare

MORGANTOWN, WV – Today, Republican senate candidate John Raese released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the individual mandate:

After today’s Supreme Court decision, the stakes for November’s election could not be any higher. Whoever West Virginians elect to the United States Senate will hold the fate of our nation in their hands. With the High Court’s decision today, a Congressional repeal is the only way we will fulfill the will of the people and overturn Obamacare.

Obamacare is nearly a $3 trillion boondoggle that infringes on every American’s right to liberty, forces millions of Americans off their private insurance and into government programs, and steals $500 billion from Medicare. Obamacare will worsen our economy, expand the size of our government further, and will be nothing but a failure.

The choice for West Virginians could not be more distinct. I have always been a consistent, vocal opponent of Obamacare while Joe Manchin was one of its first and foremost cheerleaders as he voted for it last year. I plan to repeal it, Joe Manchin will not. West Virginians cannot afford this massive, budget-busting bill, and it is time we had someone in Washington who represented the will of the people instead of his own political interests. Without a change in leadership, we may never see the reforms we need. It is time for a new President and a new senator from West Virginia.

In February 2011, Manchin Voted Against Repeal Of The Health Care Law. (S. 223, CQ Vote #9: Motion rejected 47-51: R 47-0; D 0-50; I 0-1, 2/2/11, Manchin Voted Nay)

A Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform

In anticipation of tomorrow’s Supreme Court ruling, it is important to understand how significant this decision is for the American people. From day one, the American people have opposed this harmful piece of legislation brought to you by Barack Obama and Joe Manchin. In 2009, Sen. Manchin praised Obama for trying to act swiftly on health care reform. Then, despite election year statements to the contrary in 2010, Senator Joe Manchin had an opportunity last year to repeal Obamacare but voted NO right in line with President Obama.

Regardless of tomorrow’s verdict, I have always held an unwavering position on Obamacare and what a disaster it would be for America. If given the opportunity, I have said many times that I would vote to repeal it. Besides robbing your family of their basic medical care choice, Obamacare brings an array of new taxes, penalties, and fees which will undoubtedly decrease the amount of investment in the economy.

I believe we live in the greatest country in the world with the greatest healthcare system in the world. There are tweaks needed to our already established system, but first the lineup needs changed in Washington.

My ideas and solutions for quality, affordable health care begin with the free market and the simple laws of supply and demand. As we have seen over the last four years, too much government interference in our free market system is a recipe for disaster. Obamacare must be repealed and we must keep government out of our healthcare system and out of our everyday lives. You can rest assured that I will stand by my commitments and stand for all the freedoms you and I hold so dear.

West Virginians deserve better than Barack Obama and Joe Manchin.

New President. New Senator. New Result.

Statement from John Raese on Supreme Court Ruling

MORGANTOWN, WV – Today, Republican senate candidate John Raese released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Arizona immigration law:

“Today’s decision is a victory for state’s rights and a repudiation of the Obama-Manchin immigration policy. In what has become the norm these days, Joe Manchin has stayed silent on this ruling. As President Lincoln said ‘To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.’ Time and time again Joe Manchin has been given a choice between speaking up for his West Virginia constituents or staying quiet to appease President Obama and his Democrat party bosses and time and time again he chooses the latter. West Virginians deserve better. They deserve someone who will put their personal interest ahead of their own political gain.”


When Asked If He Supported The Arizona Immigration Law, Manchin Dodged The Question. FOX NEWS’ STUART VARNEY: “Do you support the Arizona immigration law? You think it’s OK, legit?” WV GOV. JOE MANCHIN: “I have got to be honest with you, I have not read the Arizona immigration law. But I know that Jan and I know the people in Arizona – and there’s people that are fiercely divided on both sides. I know that I wouldn’t be here in this country today if it wasn’t for legal immigration. My grandparents came from both Czechoslovakia and from Italy. And I’m a second-generation, so God bless America for allowing me the opportunity and my grandparents.” (Fox News Channel’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” 7/9/10)

Rockefeller’s Core: The Same as 1972

Forty years ago Jay Rockefeller campaigned for Governor on a pledge to end surface mining in West Virginia and lost to Arch Moore by more than 73,000 votes. He changed his tune – made an effort to mend the broken fence with the UMWA – and eventually won two terms as West Virginia’s Governor and another five terms as a United States Senator.

Wednesday the 75-year-old Rockefeller finally came all the way back to his roots and carpet-bombed the West Virginia Coal Industry, our coal miner friends and the state’s fragile natural resource based economy. He did something uncharacteristic for a Democratic U. S. Senator from West Virginia – he told the truth.

Rockefeller has somehow danced through the raindrops of good journalism and accountability for years in Washington. His 28-year career is easily one of the most undistinguished terms ever for a United States Senator. When oil prices go sky high no one seems to remember that Rockefeller’s staggering wealth came from Standard Oil. When President Obama began his War on Coal through Lisa Jackson and the EPA Rockefeller made a few comments that seemed to indicate he stood with the coal industry and, more importantly, the miners – but it was all a false front. Jay Rockefeller is a phony.

After making a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday that threw West Virginia coal under the bus, Rockefeller was praised by no other than Barbara Boxer. I am sure that meant the world to Jay – but it doesn’t mean much in Mingo County.

Joe Manchin, who has vigorously supported both Jay Rockefeller and Barack Obama, voted opposite of Rockefeller Wednesday but his actions in the past speak a different story. Manchin supported Obama as a strong campaigner and Democratic super-delegate in the summer of 2008 – AFTER Obama had said he would bankrupt coal in January of that year. He knew what Obama was all about and isn’t surprised with the way the President has attacked the coal industry. Even more, Manchin proposed, passed and signed West Virginia House Bill 103 in 2009 – a cap and trade bill that will cut West Virginia’s coal production by 25% when fully implemented.

Manchin stood by Rockefeller and Obama. He knew what they thought and what they would do. The difference in these three men is that Obama and Rockefeller have told the truth about where they stand – but Manchin continues to be Pinocchio.

Rockefeller has misled us for forty years. Don’t let Joe Manchin do the same. Our chance for change on November 6th is simple: New President, New Senator, New Result.

Gutless Joe Bails!

MORGANTOWN – What a difference four years makes.

President Obama’s #1 Cheerleader in 2008, Says He Will Skip 2012 Democratic Convention

Yesterday, Sen. Joe Manchin announced he will not attend the Democratic National Convention, scheduled for September in Charlotte, N.C. claiming he was choosing instead to focus on events in West Virginia.

That’s a far cry from 2008 when Joe Manchin was one of President Obama’s earliest, and most vocal, supporters.

But after four years, millions of jobs lost and trillions of dollars more in debt, Joe is singing a different tune. He refuses to tell people who he will support in this November’s election, even insinuating he may support Republican Mitt Romney.

“Joe Manchin deserves a real profile in courage for this latest stunt,” Raese for Senate spokesman Josh Sowards said. “His actions tell West Virginians all they need to know about the real Joe Manchin: when the going gets tough, he bails. But he can’t run form his record. Joe Manchin has been and, if re-elected, will continue to be a loyal foot soldier in the Obama regime. We need new leadership in Washington. West Virginia needs John Raese. A vote for Joe Manchin is a vote for Barack Obama.”

Throughout his two short years in Washington, Joe Manchin has managed to do an amazing amount of damage.

He voted to fund Obamacare, supported President Obama’s failed trillion dollar stimulus, and has enabled his party’s war on coal.

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